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Off to a great start!

As children head back to school they enter the classroom with new shoes, school supplies, and uniforms. This is common for the first day of school and is the foundation to having a successful beginning. Unfortunately, there are some parents who cannot afford to provide their children with these basic necessities … especially homeless families. […]
At the Star of Hope, our desire is to heal the broken, teach them life skills and the importance of trusting in God, especially during hard times. Instead of putting faith in God, some of our residents tried to handle things on their own and ended up on the streets. A particular story comes to […]
When we think of all the hurting people who enter Star of Hope Mission, we often wonder what or who led them to our doors. I believe everything happens for a reason and God uses various people or situations in our lives to direct our paths. A story of a young man named Talton reassures […]

A Greater Purpose!

Lives are changed every day at the Star of Hope. By the grace of God and with your generous gifts, we assist individuals at their most vulnerable and help them get back on the right track to live productive, God-filled lives. I wanted to share one of our resident’s life changing story with you … […]
At Star of Hope we see single mothers come into our facility broken and defeated. They need help providing for their children and are in search of hope. Through educational, personal development, and biblical classes, we can help our residents get on their feet, make positive life changes, and most importantly build a relationship with […]
Summer is finally here! For children, that means a break from school and more time for fun in the sun! Soon our Star of Hope children will be heading to camp where they will spend time fishing, swimming, horseback riding and participating in activities that will share the truth of the Gospel and teach the […]

A New Journey!

Last Friday, Star of Hope’s Youth Ministry, in partnership with Hope for Youth and Homemade Hope, held our 2019 Teen Graduation Celebration Banquet! This year we had the pleasure of celebrating 12 teens who accomplished this great milestone, 11 with aspirations for college and one teen with plans to attend culinary school. This year’s graduates […]

A Birthday Wish

Birthdays are a great time to reflect and celebrate a new year of life. It is also a time of gift giving and making someone’s wish come true. Do you recall a birthday wish you had that was intangible? Something that could have a meaningful and lasting positive impact on your life? We recently had […]
When I think of a mother, I think of what it means to be selfless, caring, and nurturing. I think of the true meaning of unconditional love … a mother’s love. Mother’s Day is coming up this week, and it brings me joy to know that our loving mothers will be pampered this special Sunday. […]
Last week at Star of Hope’s Women and Family Development Center, we were blessed to celebrate 10 women who were recognized for completing educational programs! Held in our Hope Chapel, these commencement ceremonies are a great opportunity to get a true understanding of what our residents have endured, how God has changed their lives, and […]