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We all experience tough times in our lives … when it seems like the storm will never end. But, when we trust in Christ, He brings us hope, and His word gives us strength. Some people who enter the doors of Star of Hope Mission have lost all hope and are in need of a […]
Today marks 114 years since Star of Hope Mission began its life-changing work in 1907! Early in the 20th century, the homeless population was growing in Houston, and there was a dire need for a Christ-centered rescue mission. God had something great in store and used a Baptist minister by the name of Reverend Dennis […]
Making decisions can be hard to do if we do not have God as our foundation. We need His guidance to follow the right path. At Star of Hope Mission, we help our residents grow in their walk with Christ and teach them to lean on His word. A woman by the name of Roshell […]
Father’s Day is on Sunday! This is a wonderful time to reflect on our Heavenly Father and give honor to His name. For many fathers and all men who serve as father figures in our lives, God has been a great example of what it looks like to guide and care for others. Being a […]
Life comes at us fast, and it is easy to lose control when you don’t have God as your foundation. At Star of Hope, we encounter many who are angry and hurt, and in need of support. We help our residents get back on their feet and give their burdens to God. Our hope is […]
Mother’s Day is on Sunday! This is a special time to show appreciation to our moms and all women who serve as mother figures in our lives. In preparation for this day, the mothers at Star of Hope Mission were celebrated by Trees for Hope, which has been supporting Star of Hope families for more […]
Everyone has their breaking point. Sometimes it’s needed in order to remove you from bad situations and allow God to take over. At Star of Hope Mission, we strive to bring change to the lives of those in need. A resident by the name of Evelyn had a wake-up call. She ended a bad marriage […]
Each day God gives us an opportunity to make the right decision. Through life’s ups and downs we are called to stand on His word to renew our strength, but sometimes people find it difficult to be after God’s own heart, when their own heart needs restoration. A resident by the name of Joshua gave […]
Easter reminds me of the love God has for us. His sacrifice on the cross is a prime example of how much God truly cares and inspires me to share His unconditional love with others. Changing the lives of those we serve at Star of Hope, in need of guidance and a relationship with Him, […]

Weathering the Storm

Following the unexpected winter storm, I pray you are doing well. Like so many, last week was also a challenge at Star of Hope. Thanks to our amazing staff, we were able to remain open 24×7 throughout the week, and our residents were grateful to have a safe place to make it through the week. […]