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Changed Lives

If there is one word that characterizes the restored life of one who has been homeless, it is joy—the deep, unshakable joy that comes from a grateful heart. And what is so amazing is that it is a shared joy, because it reflects the generosity of our friends who continue to reach out to others in need, to make a difference that can be seen, felt, and measured. Thanks to this wonderful partnership, we can celebrate over 100 years of touching and changing lives for a brighter future. Below are a few shining examples of God’s glorious grace and mercy.

Earl is no longer “just existing”

Before coming to Star of Hope, Earl had been incarcerated twice and in and out of shelters in Louisiana. He would try to get his life together afterward, but he found himself going back to the same things that had gotten him into trouble. But after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Earl was set on a new path. Read more.  

Kim finds a new outlook on life

Kim left home on the Saturday after Thanksgiving following a fight with her mother. She brought her children to a friend’s house, but that didn’t last long. Read more.  

Katie is finally set free

It’s easy to lose control when you don’t have God in your life. At Star of Hope we help individuals who are angry, hurt, and in need of support to get back on their feet and give their burdens to God. Our hope is that they regain control of their lives even when most of them doubt it can happen. Read more.