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Changed Lives

If there is one word that characterizes the restored life of one who has been homeless, it is joy—the deep, unshakable joy that comes from a grateful heart. And what is so amazing is that it is a shared joy, because it reflects the generosity of our friends who continue to reach out to others in need, to make a difference that can be seen, felt, and measured. Thanks to this wonderful partnership, we can celebrate over 100 years of touching and changing lives for a brighter future. Below are a few shining examples of God’s glorious grace and mercy.


A Story of Courage

It was unusually quiet outside his apartment door when Courtney came home from school on that day — there was nothing but . . . silence. Courtney’s mother was gone, his brothers and sister were nowhere in sight. The only sign that someone had been there was a note on the door. Read more.


New Life at Easter

“Ask John what brought him to Star of Hope, and he’ll tell you, “A lot of brokenness. It was Easter Sunday. I had messed up, relapsing into drugs and alcohol, and I was separated from my family. I was just broken inside, and I wanted something better out of life.”  Read more.


So Much More than a Meal and a Shelter

The Calhouns never expected to be homeless. Life was good…until suddenly, everything went wrong at once. Read more.


Jacqueline’s Christmas Pearls

“I was running from everyone who cared about and loved me,” she admits, “running from taking responsibilty for my behaviors and attitude, and all the wreckage I left behind me because of my decision to use drugs.” Read more.


“It was the Lowest Point in My Life.”

Angela’s life centers on her family. When her mother died, Angela took in her 7-year old sister even though she had a new baby of her own. Read more.


Against All Odds

Among 51,000 students attending the Unviersity of Texas at Austin this fall, there will be one young woman who, by any stretch of the imagination, shouldln’t be there.   Read more.


“Out of the Ashes”

Emily* stood outside her apartment building, clinging to her small son, and helplessly watched their whole life go up in smoke. Read more.


Little Lives Restored

“At first it was about control. I was told what I could wear, where I could go. Eventually things escalated. Living in a constant state of fear became normal for me. Once, I was hospitalized because I was struck so hard I fell into a coma.”   Read more.


Never Give Up!

What little boy wouldn’t want a fighter pilot for a father? Sure, Joshua’s family moved around a lot, but Joshua’s sports skills helped him make friends everywhere he went. A stable, Christian family, a nice home…life was just about perfect.Read more.


From Homeless to “Soccer Mom”

Last summer, Amy had some very important, very difficult conversations with her oldest son. Now that he was 13, she felt he was old enough to know the whole story…Read more.


Sandra and her kids are a family again, with your help

“It was so tragic,” she says. “[To admit I had a problem], it took Keiara and her brother to pack up their bags and tell me that they no longer wanted to live with me, that I was sick and I needed help. Read more.


Freed by the Truth

“The first lie I told myself,” Jennifer explains, “was, ‘I don’t need school.’ Other people were making it without a high school diploma, so why couldn’t I?”Read more.


Singing God’s Song in the Dark

That summer at camp, our homeless kids were rediscovering themselves, their childhoods, God. And they were loving it.” Read more.


The Long Journey Home.

Wendi knew she and her daughters couldn’t stay where they were. Both Wendi and her boyfriend were losing the battle with substance abuse, and Wendi was terrified of the effect that would have on her girls’ future. She wanted something better for them…and for herself. Read more.


A Father Stolen by Alcohol: Christopher’s Story

Christopher was just a boy when he first noticed how his father’s alcoholism was tearing his parents apart. “They began fighting all the time and I did not want any part of it. I stayed away as much as possible and later on ran away from home a couple of times.”  Read more.


“How I spent my summer vacation”…having my life changed.

One of the most invalubale gifts that my son and I recieved during our quest for hope, love and joy was my son Brandon’s phenomenal gift to attend summer camp. Camp Good News did for my son what I was unable to do–magically revive the child in him! Read more.


A Mother’s Heart

“When I lost my son, I just fell apart,” Mary says. “I felt like I had been abandoned all over again and that God didn’t answer prayers.” Mary gave up her job and home to nurse her younger son as he slowly died of AIDS… Read more.


Frederick’s New Start

Frederick remembers his first prayer. “I was four. My father had died, and I wanted God to give him back.” God gave him a kind stepfather, but Frederick felt resentful and became increasingly wild. His own words say it best:

“The devil just keeps opening one evil door after another; and I stepped through each one, going from drug to drug right into my adulthood, until I was hooked on crack, kicked out of the military, living in a tent and jailed for theft.  Read more.


Lula’s Tough Choice

Lula loves being a nurse. When you talk with her, it’s clear how much she enjoys taking care of others and that she can’t imagine herself in any other profession. But for decades, this dedicated nurse had a painful secret.  Read more.

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare Ends in Hope

“I always had a roof over my head and family around me,” April says. “I never thought I would be in a situation that was so desperate that I would become homeless.”  But there was a dark secret at the heart of April’s family–one she had to confront to save both herself and her daughter. Read more & watch video.


Your support kept this family together!

Amber couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten a meal or taken a shower.  She’d been awake for days, high on methamphetamine and smoking cigarettes in a tiny, dingy motel room.  Perhaps the worst thing was the fact that Amber wasn’t alone.  Her 18-month-old son Kaden was there, watching his mother fall apart.  Read more & watch video.