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How to remember Star of Hope in your will

At some point for all of us life ends! But your personal generosity and influence can continue for many years to come! One is to give back to causes you care about by supporting them in your will.

Many people do not know it, but you can donate to Star of Hope by naming them as a beneficiary in your will. These type donations are often called planned or legacy gifts. And they are a meaningful, effective way to create a lasting legacy, both for yourself and for Star of Hope as well other organizations you care about.

What can you donate in your will?

Many people choose to leave money in their will, but you can give any of your assets. This includes:

How do you donate in your will?

Once you decide you want to leave a legacy/planned gift, you’ll need to include this donation in your will.

Decide what you want to leave.

When it comes to leaving a bequest, you have a couple options. For example, you can:

Name Star of Hope as a beneficiary in your will.

To identify Star of Hope, it’s helpful if you list:

Let Star of Hope/other charity know about your gift.

Since charities rely on donations for funding, it is easier for them to forecast their finances if they know about your legacy gift in advance. And most charities are grateful for donations and want to thank donors like you!

If you plan to donate your assets to a nonprofit instead of passing them on to relatives, consider telling your loved ones so there aren’t any surprises.

Why donate to Star of Hope in your will?

A gift to Star of Hope in your Will or Estate will ensure that for many years to come we are able to bring life change to thousands of homeless men, women and children in Houston. Also, a Will or Estate gift allows you to be part of the Legacy of Hope Society, a very special group of donors who will help to make certain of our commitment to serve the homeless!

Transform the lives of the homeless – even after your lifetime!

Ready to learn more? Contact Wes Powell, Director of Planned Giving, by email at (713) 440-5302.