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Staff and residents recently celebrated Easter at Star of Hope. It was a time of fellowship and celebration of Christ’s resurrection, and it was a reminder that as we honor this ultimate sacrifice, we must not forget those who have sacrificed their old lives to seek revival and receive the help they so desperately need. A recent program graduate, Jada, realized her pride had kept her from getting help. For her, putting aside her pride was the hardest step to take. This is her story:

In 2021, I came to Houston from St. Louis with just my suitcases and my three kids, looking for a new start. I didn’t know how things would turn out for us; we were somewhere new, somewhere different.

Even though we had no place to stay, my pride wouldn’t allow me to go to a shelter. Instead, I chose to sleep in my truck with my now four children, one of whom was just two months old. I didn’t know where to go, but I knew I couldn’t continue like this, I had to put my pride aside for my new baby and get my kids out of this truck. We had nowhere to eat or shower and no plans … until I found the Star of Hope.

Enrolling in the Biblical Counseling program has allowed me to see that life is bigger than what I had been dealing with and stressing over. God has a plan for me and my kids now; I can give Him all my trust and problems and know I will always be okay.

Jada would like to thank you for the care and encouragement you have provided her and her family. Through your gift, Star of Hope was able to provide Jada and many others with a place to stay this Easter and hope for a new relationship with Christ.

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