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As we approach a new year, I am reminded of everything I am thankful for. It is a blessing to serve Christ at Star of Hope and witness the life change happening every day. Many who come here have carried the pain of their childhood with them for years. For Jacora, facing the world without proper parental figures took its toll on her. She grew up angry and resentful with no one to guide her from a young age. This is her story:

As the second oldest child to drug-addicted parents, I grew up fast. I was raising my four younger siblings while raising myself. Our parents had failed us. Eventually, my younger siblings were placed in foster care, while my older brother and I were taken in by our grandmother.

But life with Grandma wasn’t much better; she kept us caged in like you would a bird. Her intentions were in the right place; however, her methods weren’t. By this time, I hated my life. I just wanted to die. I felt like life hadn’t dealt me a fair hand. Every night, I would pray and ask God not to wake me up. I was so lost, fighting everyone and getting kicked out of school after school. A few months later, my grandmother died, and I was finally free.

Years later, I found myself in Houston with no job or home, still lost and broken. That is when I heard about the Star of Hope, and my life changed.

I enrolled in the Personal Development program soon after arriving at Star of Hope. It opened my eyes and heart to the Lord. I learned who God was, about His word and promises to us. I now believe in something bigger than myself. I am thankful to God and those who helped me on my journey. Thank you.

At Star of Hope, Jacora grew to know the Lord. With your help, she was able to build a new life in Christ and find a newfound belief in herself and her future. Thank you!

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  • Janet Charles says:

    Praise GOD!! Jacora keep your hands in GOD’s hands and he will protect you and guide you through life!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Natisha Khan says:

    This is why I have chosen Star of Hope as my birthday fundraiser for two years in a row now. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, giving hope and a direction to those in need. Thank you, Star of Hope and all who serve there. God bless the recipients of your care like Jacora! ❤️⭐️✨️🙏🏻

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