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Many who are lost and hurting find their way to Star of Hope. They arrive seeking shelter but discover so much more. For Luke, a former Star of Hope resident, his faith was second to his addiction and the dangerous lifestyle he was living. That is, until the Lord appeared to him in a moment that he would remember forever.

Luke grew up in a split household that led him to act out from a young age. Over the years, he found himself in and out of jail and hospitals due to addiction. One particular night of running with the wrong crowd caused him to see the danger he had placed himself in.

“I was broken, lost, spiritually defeated – and though I hadn’t realized it yet – I was also forgiven. Christ came into my life and led me into adversity, then through it,” Luke shared in his testimony.

Through the Men’s Development Center, Luke learned how to speak to God and grow closer in his relationship with the Lord. With faith as a guiding light in his life, Luke has since moved into his own apartment and found a wonderful job while giving back to those less fortunate.

I pray Luke’s testimony encourages you to continue supporting the life change made possible at Star of Hope.

Watch Luke’s testimony

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  • Ed Gurley says:

    As a child of God, we can become lost, but NEVER ALONE! Praise God that in Jesus He never quits on us. There in is the Holy Spirit at work constantly to alert us of any danger that we may be headed for or IN! To God be the glory, Luke heard the call and turned back! His life now is living water to our thirsty souls.

  • Brian M Corpian says:

    Oh blessed Star, sweet Star Of Hope. While our LORD Jesus Christ is the Star of Hope I am eternally grateful that He put in on the hearts and minds of donors, builders, staff members to create the Men’s Development Center. I’m in the TLC program and I was redeemed through SOHMDC. This place not only changed my life, for the best, it also enriched my stronger than ever relationship I have in Jesus Christ.

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