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Client Services Program

One of the wonderful things about the Men’s Development Center is that it offers clients several program options for their recovery, led by a Client Services team that is qualified to address both their personal and spiritual needs. These programs are foundational and essential for any man desiring to achieve a successful transition back into mainstream society, as a self-sufficient contributor.

Men At Work

This program is delivered in two 90-day phases. Through the first phase, the focus is on building life-skills that produce life-change. Also emphasized are the prerequisites for seeking, acquiring, and maintaining gainful employment. Each of these focus areas is supported by a curriculum that includes course work, Bible study, relapse prevention, and participation in Alcoholics Victorious (a 12-step series), as well as the Looper Career Education and Development Center. In the second phase, the client is actively employed and continuing to receive guidance, nurture, and accountability from his Caseworker.

Motivational Work

This is a great opportunity for men in need of basic direction and a sense of accomplishment. Those who participate in this 90-day program are formed into a maintenance team whose primary function is to commit several hours each day to keeping the Men’s Development Center clean and orderly. The men attend Bible study, work with the Developmental Skills Coordinator, and receive guidance in job searching.

Veterans in Progress (V.I.P.)

Military veterans have given so much to our country. The V.I.P. program honors their sacrifice and commitment by providing help for the medical, mental health, and substance abuse issues that affect their lives. Over the 90-day duration of the program, the men are encouraged to register for outpatient services at the V.A. Hospital and its Homeless Veterans Program. The Veterans are also helped with obtaining benefits and employment, which enable them to move toward an independent and productive life.

Men In Training (M.I.T.)

M.I.T. is a training program based on a core group of courses that build marketable skills for employment and a resolve to achieve a standard of independent living. Participants are given instruction in a variety of work disciplines, e.g. warehouse operations, culinary arts, and horticulture.

Reaching Every Soul Coming Unto Eternity (R.E.S.C.U.E.)

The R.E.S.C.U.E. component of our ministry encompasses all clients not yet involved in one of the above client-development plans. These men– formerly referred to as our “Transient Population”– receive basic services with care, compassion, and the love of Christ. Every effort is made and every encouragement given to move them toward enrollment in a structured program where they can begin the process of rebuilding their lives.  
  In each of these endeavors all participants are assigned to the care of a Caseworker and are provided with nutritious meals, a secured bed, a locker, clothing, bus tokens, and full access to the services of the Dunn Wellness Clinic located within our facility.