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Resident Services

One of the wonderful things about the Men’s Development Center is that it offers residents several program options for their recovery, led by Program and Resident Services teams that are qualified to address both their personal and spiritual needs. These services and programs are foundational and essential for any man desiring to achieve a successful transition back into mainstream society, as a self-sufficient contributor.


Resident Services at the Men’s Development Center consists of the following:


Basic Needs

Food, clothing, and shelter are provided for men throughout their stay at the Men’s Development Center. With these services provided free of charge, men can work on the underlying issues contributing to their homelessness.



ALL potential clients who enter the MDC for services are screened through Intake. This process includes assigning each man to one of three programs: Spiritual Recovery Program, Men at Work or RESCUE. Documentation concerning the client is collected and entered into our database. Beds are assigned, clothing provided, personal baggage stored, and medical screenings set.


Dunn Wellness Center

Our Clinic Coordinator works with Clinic Health Providers and Volunteers in our Dunn Wellness Center. In this Center professionals provide Medical, Social, Eligibility (Gold Card), Mental Health, and Smoking Cessation Services.


Security/Bag Storage

The first point of contact for visitors and potential clients seeking information and or shelter is our Security Room. This room serves as the main “hub” to control client traffic entry into and exit from the building to ensure safety for those living in the facility. RESCUE Clients bags’ with personal belongings are stored for the night and picked up the next morning.


Service Desk

The purpose of this area is to control the flow of traffic within the facility and provide information, direction, and other resources as needed.


Hank’s Haberdashery

Hank’s Haberdashery is the clothing room at MDC where men come to get the clothing items they need for work or special events. Our Clothing Room Monitor ensures residents’ clothing needs are met with excellence.



RESCUE provides homeless men with basic needs, social services, medical care, and navigation for one night at-a-time up to 30 nights. The purpose of this program is to provide immediate help for men on the street with the intention of building a relationship with them, holding interventions with them to determine and address with them their long-term needs, and motivate them to do what is needed to successfully transition from the streets into permanent housing. RESCUE men can move into the Men at Work program or the Spiritual Life Program if needed.



Our Navigators are responsible for direct care for homeless men by providing counseling, assisting with goal setting, obtaining benefits, and securing the necessary medical and social services to meet their basic needs within the RESCUE program, a 30 day overnight stay program for those unwilling or unable to enter a more long-term program. They encourage an atmosphere that is Christ-centered for residents by leading and/or coordinating bible studies, prayers groups, chapel services, special events, counseling, etc. while modeling the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

  In each of these endeavors all participants are assigned to the care of a Caseworker and are provided with nutritious meals, a secured bed, a locker, clothing, bus tokens, and full access to the services of the Dunn Wellness Clinic located within our facility.