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Glad Tidings this Christmas with Star of Hope!


Star of Hope Mission’s Extended Services program will continue the long-running Christmas Adopt-a-Family program this year. As we provide hope, encouragement, and resources to homeless, formerly homeless, and at-risk households in Houston and surrounding areas, we invite Sponsors to help provide Christmas gifts, household items, and other treats for those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.


For the past two years we have seen an unprecedented need in our city…and the entire world…caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of inflation. In this COVID19 era, millions of households were impacted by furloughs, lay-offs, and other economic crises. We expect there will be a great demand for assistance this holiday season…and this is who needs help:


Homeless Families: Working in conjunction with local schools to identify homeless families and unaccompanied youth/minors, in 2019, we were able to expand the program to include this often-forgotten population. These families are living “doubled-up” with family or friends, or in places not inhabitable.


Former Star of Hope program families: The history of Glad Tidings begins with our program graduates. In 1993 we had Sponsors “adopt” families who moved out of our shelters and began creating their new lives as they recovered from homelessness. That tradition continues today. Most are single-parent (single moms) homes and have children of varying ages.


Outreach families: Several years ago, we opened the registration for Glad Tidings to qualifying, at-risk families. These families are single parents with children; grandmothers raising their grandchildren; single dads with children; and two-parent families who are struggling in today’s economy. This is the largest group of Recipient Families…especially in this year following the Covid-19 pandemic. (NOTE: these families go through a screening process to determine eligibility and need)


What you can do…


While Christmas is not all about presents … gift-giving and receiving is a big part of this holiday season. Receiving a gift means someone cares, someone loves, someone took time. While toys and fun items are GREAT … clothing, household goods, and personal care items are extremely helpful as well.


As a Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to share the gift of Glad Tidings! Our Adopt-a-Family Christmas program allows you to connect with a family to share a word of encouragement and be the light of Christ to someone in need.

Our Sponsors personally deliver Christmas gifts to the adopted family they have chosen. This unique opportunity is a meet-and-greet moment for the family and the sponsor, for more information about adopting a family please click on the SPONSOR button below.

To register for the 2022 Glad Tidings, Adopt Family, click on the link below.