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Glad Tidings this Christmas with Star of Hope!

Meager beginnings…

Star of Hope’s Transitional Program graduates, New Horizons clients and New Haven residents are starting new lives. They have their own apartments—a real “home.” Some will be “home” for the very FIRST time this Christmas! Since childhood, some of our residents have spent the holidays in foster homes, hospitals, on the streets or other places you and I cannot even imagine. The first few years out of the program can be hard. Paying bills, working, and family can overwhelm our graduates and residents — especially around the holidays.

Star of Hope also extends hope, encouragement, and resources to many in Houston and surrounding areas who are on the verge of homelessness through our Outreach Ministry. You can help give them comfort and joy this holiday season with Star of Hope’s Christmas Glad Tidings.


Who needs help with Christmas?


What you can do…

While Christmas is not all about presents and what we may or may not get … gift-giving and receiving is a big part of this holiday season. Receiving a gift means someone cares, someone loves, someone took time. While toys and fun items are GREAT … clothing, household goods, and personal care items are very helpful as well.


Glad Tidings – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in becoming a Donor for the Christmas Glad Tidings Adopt-a-Family program, please read our Donor Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like more information about this program before agreeing to become a donor, please contact, Michelle Jones at


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