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Direct Care Services

  1. The (TAYF) program is a 12-month structured program for homeless single women and single parents between the ages of 18 to 24. The program is a safe haven community dedicated to compassionately reaching out to every transitional aged youth/young adult and their families by caring for their spiritual, emotional, intellectual needs and physical well-being and teaching them the Biblical truths and Biblical foundations through life skills, mentorship and support, necessary to live fruitful lives according to God’s will.
    1. TAYF30 is a 30-day program designed to accommodate 18 to 24-year-olds who have become homeless. The program is designed to stabilize, assimilate and motivate and determine a viable case plan which will propel the young adult out of their current circumstances.
    2. New Journey is a 2 month program class designed to enrich the young adult through spiritual life skills, workforce development, financial management, healthy living, parenting, time management, future planning, process groups and much more.
    3. TAYF Afterhours are community gatherings for TAYF residents on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings designed to provide a supportive outlet through fun interactive activities, outings, bible studies, community service projects, parties, and much more.
  2. New Pathways is a 30-day program designed to accommodate individuals who have become homeless as a result of various issues. Through case management, counseling, motivational classes, and work therapy, the staff works to stabilize, assimilate and motivate this population to determine a viable case plan which will propel them out of their current circumstances. Additional on-site program offerings are available to aid them in their recovery from homelessness.
  3. RESTORE a 12-month program designed to accommodate an unstable population to include the elderly, physically ill and mentally ill which are not eligible for most mainstream programs. Therapeutic Specialists work with the residents to create a very individualized treatment plan to include counseling, work therapy, benefits management and case management which will stabilize, assimilate and motivate them to embrace a new way of living. The overarching goal is to guide them into an onsite program or offsite housing opportunity which will aid in their continued progress to independence.
  4. Biblical Counseling The Biblical Counseling Program is a motivational program that will provide you with an opportunity for true life change. Discover God’s purpose for your life and begin the journey toward the fulfillment of your God-given destiny. The Program includes classes, counseling, case management, and work therapy. Every component of the program starts with God and His word and grows from a biblical perspective of God, man, life and living.