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It can be challenging to break away from sin when it has become a stronghold. Sometimes, the most challenging yet rewarding decision we can make is to follow the Lord’s path, no matter how hard it may seem. The story shared by Timika, a Star of Hope alumna, is a testament to how God is always there for us, even when we feel lost and alone.

After 18 years of a toxic marriage, Timika finally decided she needed to make the difficult decision as a mother to leave her husband to provide a better environment for her and her three daughters. Not knowing where to go, she relied on her faith to lead her and her children to Star of Hope.

“Because of Star of Hope, I feel the strength of God behind me and ahead of me. I feel I can now be the mother I wanted to be and the mother my children need,” Timika shared in her testimony.

During her time here, Timika graduated from our Biblical Counseling program and received her GED. Now, she and her daughters are living in their own apartment while Timika works toward getting a commercial drivers license (CDL)!

I hope that her testimony inspires you to continue supporting the Lord’s work being done here. Thank you!

Watch Timika’s testimony

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  • Bob says:

    What an incredible testimony! Timika is a role model for everyone of us. Lean into God and rest in his strength and glory. Great story!

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