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MDC Programs

Programs at MDC consist of three basic programs provided for Residents based on their personal level of commitment with an additional program available to those who successfully complete these programs. Professional men and women provide Case Management, Classroom Instruction, Biblical Counsel, Referrals, Job Opportunities and Job Coaching to residents attempting to make significant life changes.


Men at Work focuses on life change and job preparation enabling a man to re-enter the work force and transition into independent living. It is a 90-day program with many of the same components as the Spiritual Recovery Program only shorter for men who cannot do a 7-month program. A notable distinction between the programs is the absence of Recovery Components in the Men at Work Program. Benchmarks include 3 levels each programmer must achieve before commencement and employment with a livable wage.


Spiritual Recovery
The Star of Hope Spiritual Recovery Program is a seven-month Christian discipleship program based on the authority of the Bible as the Word of God. Men are counseled in an atmosphere presupposing that the Holy Scripture is sufficient to guide, inform, correct, console, and inspire them in their recovery from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sins that lead to bondage. Along with such components as process group, twelve step, drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention, life skills, spiritual skills, career development, and computer learning, the Spiritual Recovery Program provides each man with a work therapy assignment in which a man begins to learn a Christian work ethic. Each program participant is appointed a Case Manager who counsels and prays with his men while modeling a mature walk with Jesus Christ. Benchmarks include 5 levels each man must achieve before commencement and all 12 steps in the 12 Step Manual.


GED is available for men who wish to earn their GED as well as for men who desire to improve their Reading Comprehension. These classes are taken simultaneously with the program(s) for program participants. Benchmarks depend on the current level of each student.


Transitional Living
This program is for men who are seeking work or working after completing the Spiritual Recovery Program or the Men at Work Program. They learn to manage their money by saving and paying ‘fees’ while receiving counsel, nurture, and accountability.