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Making Stocks Work for You

Tips for Making Gifts of Stock

Those who have given stock to a non-profit organization know the secret. It is often more rewarding to transfer the stock to the charity than it has been to keep it all those years.

One of the greatest benefits of transferring stock is that you no longer worry about their value. When you hold a stock, you may be concerned about the ups and downs of the market. When you transfer the stock – and the worries – to Star of Hope Mission, the restlessness stops and the rewards begin.

Here are some tips to make a charitable gift of stock or other appreciated assets:

  1. Never Sell The Stock: Even if you sell and give all the money to Star of Hope seconds later, you lose many of the tax benefits. Always transfer; never sell stock before making a gift.
  2. Keep Everything in a Safe Place: If you hold stocks in paper certificates, gather them in one safe place. If they are in an account, gather your statements for the same purpose.
  3. Gifts of Stock vs. Gifts of Cash: If you regularly make cash gifts, consider making a stock gift instead. Then use the cash you would have given to us to replace your stock gift. That way you avoid capital gains on the “old” stock and acquire the “new” stock at a higher basis.
  4. Work with an Advisor If you hold many stocks, work with your advisor or us to determine which would make the best gift for you tax-wise.

The great part about transferring stock to Star of Hope Mission is that we do most of the work for you. We have experts on staff that can help you. Giving stock should always be as easy as it has been to hold it.

For more information contact Jack O’Brien, Vice President of Donor Relations, at (713) 440-5317.