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Workforce Development Program

The gap between net income and ordinary living costs for many families in our community is staggering. The costs of rent, food, childcare, health care, and transportation often exceed real income or leave people with difficult choices.

Our Workforce Development Department provides a comprehensive approach that aims to address the underlying causes of unemployment and under-employment among individuals to pursue living wage jobs and end homelessness for good. Our services are designed to meet the need of every individual, regardless of their background or level of experience.

For residents who are formerly or currently homeless, barriers to employment can range from physical disabilities and mental health challenges to a lack of formal work experience, education, long bouts of unemployment after a job loss, or general stigmatization of homelessness.

At Star of Hope, we strive to prepare our residents for long-term, sustainable employment. We do this by building on our residents’ existing skills and empowering them to achieve their personal goals through commitment, hard work and a strong belief in God.

Employment Readiness Program

Our services offer essential skills to those seeking careers full-time, living-wage employment. After evaluating an individual’s employment history and assessing their work skills, our dedicated, workforce development staff work with our residents to create an employment plan tailored to ensure success.

The basic skills we provide to individuals through our Employment Readiness Program include:

By providing these basic but beneficial steps, individuals are better prepared to find gainful employment more effectively, but most importantly, they can have the confidence necessary to pursue jobs in which they previously believed they were not qualified or prepared to apply.


For many, homelessness is very challenging to get out of for a variety of reasons. One of the challenges that people experiencing homelessness encounter is finding employment that provides a family-sustaining, living wage.

Most individuals who are homeless want to work. But for many, working doesn’t provide enough to afford their own place to live. Therefore, we partner with local employers toward mutually beneficial opportunities that fill job vacancies and close job and income opportunity gaps.

Are you hiring? Become a Star of Hope Mission Employer Partner! Contact Altonette Terrance, Director of Workforce Development & Volunteer Services at (713)226-5448.