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Each year, as we approach the holiday season, I remind myself of everything I am thankful for. It is a blessing to serve Christ at Star of Hope and to witness the life change happening every day. Many who come to our doors are in need of guidance after years lost to addiction. For Timothy, […]

He Holds Me Up

Many who come to Star of Hope have lost themselves to the ways of the world. They arrive seeking the guidance they have longed for in their lives. Wynter struggled to find who she was on her own after the passing of a beloved family member. After losing her way, she came to Star of […]
I am blessed to say that Star of Hope has recently celebrated six years of providing life-changing services at the Women and Family Development Center at our Cornerstone Community® transformational campus! We opened our doors in August of 2017; in that time, the Lord has done incredible things. I continue to feel more and more […]

Hope for the Hopeless

Many who enter the doors of Star of Hope are looking to heal from painful memories of the past. Lacking a father’s love led Jose down a dark path as a teen. Without a spiritual and earthly father, he turned to drugs and alcohol. This is his story: I was born and raised in Southern […]
A new school year is beginning across the city! That excited feeling of starting school is special for so many of usꟷour own memories of picking out school supplies and shoes for the year, and for some of us, sharing that same excitement with our children and grandchildren when they start school. However, for homeless […]

God Reached Out to Me

At Star of Hope, many who come here are hurting and suffering from painful memories of their past. We have all known and experienced grief at one time in our lives. For David, losing his wife caused him to retreat into a dark spiral – until he found his way to Christ. This is his […]

Putting God First

This past June, we were blessed to have our largest graduating class ever at the Women and Family Development Center! Reflecting on this amazing achievement, I am reminded of the strength and resilience of every resident who has graduated from our programs. Many who have come to Star of Hope arrived at our doors broken […]
Summer may almost be over, but children at Star of Hope are still celebrating! Before the school year begins, children can enjoy their time off and get more time for fun. Next week our Star of Hope children will be heading to camp, where they will spend time fishing, swimming, ziplining and participating in activities that will […]
I believe that God is watching over every one of us. In both the good and challenging times, He is there to guide us. Many who come to Star of Hope are in search of the Lord, having suffered alone for most of their lives. For Sophia, her abusive past caused her to feel alone […]
Tomorrow marks 116 years of Star of Hope’s life-changing work! It is a day we can celebrate another year of strengthening our community by helping our neighbors in need. The Lord has done incredible work during this time, and we pray He will continue to bless our shared ministry for many years. Ever since Star […]