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His Love Prevails

Reflecting on the recent National Day of Prayer, I am reminded how your continued prayers have blessed many lives at Star of Hope. The Lord has provided strength to those who have felt weak and broken. Many who come to our doors are lost, searching for a form of healing only God can provide. Andoneisha […]
As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded of the many women who have come to Star of Hope to provide a better life for their children. We see the work they have done, and with the help of Trees of Hope friends group, we were able to honor these mothers with the Moms Matter special […]

I am Worthy

We all have struggled to find hope in our circumstances at one point in our lives. In those times, we must remember that there is hope in the Lord! For Bethanie, childhood circumstances and past traumas made her feel hopeless and alone. This is her story: My life has been anything but easy. My father’s […]
Many of you may not know that April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. It is a time to give thanks and celebrate our incredible volunteers at Star of Hope Mission. In 2022, our faithful volunteers served 28,834 hours. These hours played a vital role in the success of our organization. The reasons why people volunteer may […]

Now, I Believe

Those who have lost themselves to their demons enter the doors of Star of Hope hoping to build a better life. For David, a current Star of Hope resident, his life had become a rollercoaster of promising futures and absolute lows due to drug addiction and mental health issues. His story is a testament to […]
We all have struggled to believe in God’s plan for our lives at one time or another. Those who have lost their way and their faith come to Star of Hope Mission to find their purpose. The story shared by Keisha, a Star of Hope alumna, is a testament to the Lord’s work in our […]
Last month, the children at our Women and Family Development Center were blessed with new shoes courtesy of Trees of Hope, a nonprofit supporting the Children’s Critical Care Fund at Star of Hope Mission. The Trees of Hope Jr. Board members, comprised of all the children from the Trees of Hope Board of Trustees and […]

A Light in the Darkness

When we come upon hard times, it is easy to get lost in our pain. In our darkest moments we must choose to seek the Lord. Like many who have struggled with grief, Jacob was lost to his demons. His past experiences left him depressed and broken but soon he found his purpose through faith […]

Renewed in Christ

Many people think of the new year as a new opportunity for growth. You may envision the beginning of a new year as a time to reset, refresh and refocus on what is most important in your life. Having your best year starts by knowing you are made new through Jesus Christ. Residents at Star […]

Running to the Lord

When we run from our pain, we are ultimately running from the Lord. Though we may go through trials in our lives, we can trust in God to deliver us from the darkness. Growing up in an abusive home, Lizmarie believed running was her only choice to escape her demons. This is her story: I […]