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Amid the work and chaos of starting a new job, the new employee is given the gift of a first look. We only have that opportunity once, so it is precious, and we felt it would be good to share with you a look at the Star of Hope from a fresh pair of eyes. But first, I should introduce myself.

My name is Doug Meikle, and I have the honor of being the new president and CEO of Star of Hope. Over the course of these next few months and blog posts, I hope to give you an insight into how God is working in this place and my hopes and aspirations for the ministry you support. There is a lot to tell.

Here is the first thing I want to say, my first impression of Star of Hope: Whatever you choose to give us as a donor is stewarded well and transforms the lives of the least among us. If you are not a donor, be inspired by the courage of the men and women who care for Houston’s homeless men, women and children at the Star of Hope. There is a fierce and joyful calm and compassion about them as they go about their mission. And, of course, they do all this in the name of Jesus. As the new CEO, I have much to learn from them.

The resurrection of Christ announced a new world, and since that moment, the whole world has faced a choice. How, then, shall we live? Christians made their choices clear. They began as a small and culturally irrelevant force in the ancient world. Yet, their love for others and radical, world-changing way of life confounded their neighbors and attracted the least and the lost to their little gatherings. Over time, they changed the world, and so it will be again.

I think this is the way the Star of Hope Mission is the evangelism of our time. Bringing Christ’s love to the most broken parts of our world confronts the city with a way of life where the lost find a home, the broken find wholeness, and all of us find hope. Thank you for your support of this mission.

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