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Last time, I mentioned that the new CEO has the advantage of seeing things for the first time. Soon, that benefit recedes, but in the meantime, some things that may have become commonplace for others are in stark relief.

As Christians in the West, we talk about the Spirit some, even spiritual warfare on occasion, but hardly know it. Our fight against what St. Paul called the principalities and powers is often hidden from us and embedded in the many forms of life we find easy to accept. Not so at Star of Hope. In caring for the least and the lost, our people engage in a spiritual warfare that is upfront and personal – with real casualties and real sacrifices. People ask me for first impressions: my first impression is that many of our people are spiritual warriors.

Here is another impression – and I can’t seem to shake this – when many people come to Star of Hope they are at the last stop on the line. Our clients are often in deep, deep trouble, and yet, in the face of the wonderful care we give in the name of Christ, some walk away and leave us. It seems to me that these clients who leave our care have such a broken understanding of life and such low expectations of the future that they succumb again to the draws and addictions of their former lives. I can’t stop asking the question, why do people do this?

I think the answer is a lack of hope, true hope. Those with no hope of the future will succumb to immediate pleasures. Those who see a hopeful future can overcome, endure and flourish. As Christians, we have the gift of Hope in the future when Christ shall say, “Behold, I make all things new.” That’s what we share with our clients, “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory.” Look for us to feature hope more prominently in our messaging and how we speak about our mission.

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