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Weathering the Storm

Following the unexpected winter storm, I pray you are doing well. Like so many, last week was also a challenge at Star of Hope. Thanks to our amazing staff, we were able to remain open 24×7 throughout the week, and our residents were grateful to have a safe place to make it through the week. We are thankful God was with them and our staff as they weathered the storm here at Star of Hope.

Prior to the storm hitting, we conducted a quick inventory of supplies, food and water and then secured needed items. We identified staff willing and able to remain on property for several days and nights to cover needed services, knowing that many employees would not be able to drive to work if the streets were as icy as predicted. Also, our staff distributed jackets, sweaters, and blankets … making certain all residents needing warm clothes received what they needed.

During the week of the storm, we lost power at both the Women and Family Development Center and Men’s Development Center. However, the generator at the Women and Family Development Center provided power in key areas of the center, and we were able to secure a generator for the Men’s Development Center. The water supply was also a challenge, however, we were able to come up with solutions at both locations.

Regretfully, we were not able to conduct any classes last week, but our staff on site was able to coordinate activities and minister to the residents. With God’s help, both our Men’s Development Center and Women and Family Development Center are operating normally this week! Overall, we were prepared and grateful that we were adequately staffed, had the necessary equipment and provisions, and that residents felt well cared for in the storm.

We are praying for a safe and smooth recovery for you. Thank you for providing the life-changing support and prayers our residents and those we served on the streets needed during this difficult time. I am so grateful God helped us weather the storm together! We will keep you in our prayers as you recover, and please keep our residents and staff in yours as we all put our homes back together again. Thank you!

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  • Letericia Smith says:

    Good morning Star of Hope. I am So delighted that GOD worked everything out as he always does. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Much appreciated indeed. Keep us the amazing work. Sincerely, Letericia Smith. Can you please change my e-mail address to Currently you have my e-mail address as Thank you.

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