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Kim left home on the Saturday after Thanksgiving following a fight with her mother. She brought her children to a friend’s house, but that didn’t last long.

“Because of trauma affecting my trust, distance from my kids’ school, and speaking with my pastor, I had to make the choice to live in a shelter. My pastor told me about Star of Hope,” Kim said.

It was not an easy transition for Kim. She had never stepped foot in a shelter before and did not think she would be staying long.

“I did not expect to have to participate in programs, so I tried my best to avoid it, thinking that God would snatch me out of here sooner,” she shared.

But that was not God’s plan for her life. Kim now recognizes she needed Star of Hope more than she originally thought.

Kim was focused on finding a job when she started the Personal Development class. During that time, she began to enjoy class and even look forward to it. She feels much better about her situation now.

“I love that I can better myself and my relationships, prepare for the workplace and stay close to God at the same time,” she said.

Thank you for offering a safe place for Kim to grow and learn. Because of you, she has found a better life.

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  • Felicia says:

    All I can say is but God! You are truly a blessing God is about to make some moves in your life!!

  • Elaine Teas says:

    Thank you Kim for your honesty. God is blessing you even now that you have turned to Him & spoken boldly about your situation in a new perspective. You are surely in His hands under His perfect care. I pray for all kinds of happiness, security, protection, strength, good health, & best counsel He can & will provide through Star of Hope & after as you advance into His Kingdom. Stay close to His side & keep looking up! Your acknowledgement reminds me of the Yada Yada book series by Neta Jackson, which I love.

  • Starleigh Johnson says:

    HalleluYah! Kim’s story is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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