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Before coming to Star of Hope, Earl had been incarcerated twice and in and out of shelters in Louisiana. He would try to get his life together afterward, but he found himself going back to the same things that had gotten him into trouble. But after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Earl was set on a new path.

“God used Hurricane Katrina to lead me to Houston and Star of Hope,” he said.

The first time Earl was at Star of Hope, he thought he only needed shelter and that he could get himself back together himself. He stayed only 28 days. But, he soon found himself running from his responsibilities and getting back into old habits. When he was eventually hospitalized for issues related to overdrinking, he called out to God.

“His answer to me was, ‘You know what to do,’” Earl said. “So, when I was released, I went back to Star of Hope.”

This time, Earl immersed himself in all that Star of Hope had to offer him.

“I threw myself wholeheartedly into classes and sought out the biblical context of the programs and biblical teachings,” he said. “The environment and Christian counseling led me to see my true worth! Through God’s eyes, I have gained a respect for myself and others.”

Today, Earl is the “lead man” in his job as a certified roofer and makes an honorable salary traveling and working all over the United States. He once again has a strong relationship with his mother and siblings who now “seek and respect” his opinions.

Most importantly, Earl is now rooted in his faith. Each morning, he prays and reads his Bible … habits he picked up at Star of Hope. He also attends the church of Pastor Williams who counsels at Star of Hope.

“I am proud of my position in the Lord and the wisdom He has given me toward my servanthood. I am living, not just existing. I am in the Lord and He is in me to bless others and my church,” Earl said. “Thank you, Star of Hope Men’s Development Center!”

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  • William Hamblin says:

    Amazing Story, Keep up the wonderful journey.

  • Elaine Teas says:

    This is so encouraging to hear how Earl’s life was at last changed so he is now receiving the blessings God has stored up for him. The pathway is open now! I have forwarded Earl’s testimony to a friend who has two men in her family with similar life stories who need to make their situations become “past, old self” so they can turn into “new self” with a life of success. Thank you Earl for your testimony. I am so happy for you & your relationship with God & your advancement into His Kingdom! Hope to see you there!

  • Jere says:

    I pray the Jesus walks each step with you, for the rest of your earthly life. And I that you have eternity with Jesus and loved oned one in the new earth and heaven to come. May God bless your journey

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