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Walk in God’s Words

Hurting people come to the doors of Star of Hope in need of a hot meal and a safe place to stay. As I think back on the individuals we have been blessed to serve, I am reminded of God’s grace. He can change any life no matter the circumstance. God uses us as a vessel for His glory as we give hope and healing to people in need, people like Crystal … this is her story:


I can stand here and blame my addiction on other people, but that is not the case. I am the only reason I am here. Trying to do things my way and only my way led me to need Star of Hope. I tried to treat my son as a friend and my family as enemies when they were only trying to help me. I deprived my son of having the mother that he deserved. Being here, I have learned that the only way I can survive this is to walk in God’s words. I know if I do this, I will have nothing to worry about.


Being close to God has taught me to love myself and to know that He has forgiven me. I know that it will take time to build back a healthy relationship with my son and my family, but God will see me through. I am learning ways to deal with co-dependency which will also help me build a healthy relationship with my son and family. When I complete the program, I want to attend school. I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I know education is the key.


I would like to thank the Star of Hope staff for their teachings of God’s word and for instilling in me that God does have a plan for my life! And to the donors and volunteers, thank you for supporting the Star of Hope, you helped change my life.


The tools Crystal gained helped her change her life and grow closer to God. Because of supporters like you, she is now living independently, and no longer looks to drugs and alcohol for a way out. Lives are changed every day at the Star of Hope, and we thank God for His saving grace! Please continue to keep us in your prayers and consider donating to our mission as we care for Houston’s homeless. Thank you!

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