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We all experience tough times in our lives … but, when we trust in Christ, He brings us hope, and His word gives us strength. Some people who enter the doors of Star of Hope Mission have lost all hope and are in need of a relationship with God. A woman by the name of Shawana had lost hope in her life and had fallen into a dark addiction. This is her story:


My goal, when I came to Star of Hope, was to get back on my feet and gain back my sanity that I had lost due to my drug and alcohol addiction. Little did I know that I would gain so much more.


My old way of dealing with life was to isolate myself from the problem, then run away from everyone and deny anything and everything that had made my life so unmanageable. Nothing was ever my fault.  Then I enrolled in Star of Hope’s “New Hope” Program, and everything changed, I was able to deal with the negative effects of my destructive behaviors.


This was my opportunity for a second chance to make amends with everyone who I had harmed and, most importantly, make amends with myself. I also took part in the Star of Hope Personal Development class. Here I learned the 5 core values towards a healthy and productive future: communication, organization, time management, excellence, and integrity. These awesome values have been embedded in my mind and have given me the motivation that I NEED in order to make the right decisions as I go onto job search and begin to face the world, that at one time, I had so selfishly turned my back on.


I feel truly blessed to have been given such amazing opportunities and look forward to becoming the success story that I know I can be. Thank you and God bless!


God brings people here for restoration and healing. Star of Hope helped Shawana grow in her relationship with Christ and have hope for the future! You helped make this possible! Because of supporters like you Shawana is moving towards success. Thank you!

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