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Many of us will be celebrating Mother’s Day a little differently, this year. We are all going through changes and adjusting to this new normal, but the hard work and strength of a mother does not change and deserves to be honored. During these uncertain times, we must find new ways to show our appreciation to the strong mothers in our lives.

In the past, the Trees of Hope organization would host their annual Mother’s Day Luncheon for the mothers at Star of Hope. Unfortunately, this lovely luncheon had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis. But, I am glad to say Trees of Hope will still be providing our Star of Hope moms with a special gift package so that they can feel encouraged and special.

The mothers at Star of Hope come to our doors broken, in search of hope, and looking to make a better life for their children. They work hard to make that happen. When I think of a strong mother, a former resident by the name of Joy comes to mind.

Joy was in an abusive relationship and needed a way out. She desired to be a protective, nurturing, and loving mother, and her children were her motivation to seek help. One day, Joy finally built up the courage to pack their bags and brought her children to the Star of Hope. When they arrived, Joy enrolled in the New Hope program and learned to be independent.The Star of Hope put Joy in a better position to love and care for her children, and she is thankful God brought her here! Because of her strength, Joy and her children have a better life.

Thank you for helping hardworking mothers like Joy get through the tough times and find hope in God! You are making a difference in their lives. For this Mother’s Day, I ask that you keep the mothers at Star of Hope in your prayers. To all the mothers reading this, we at Star of Hope would like to wish you a very special and blessed Mother’s Day!

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