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God is at work at Star of Hope! Many of our residents come to our doors in need of food and shelter, but they leave with so much more. We provide the homeless with educational, personal development and biblical classes that help them get on their feet, make positive life changes, and most importantly build a relationship with Jesus Christ. God helps those in need find hope. The broken become whole and atheists can become believers. We recently had the pleasure of hearing an amazing testimony from a resident named Tarquin, one of the first Englishmen to show up at Star of Hope.

Tarquin grew up with both of his parents living in Manchester, England. At the age of 21, his life changed because his parents decided to move to America, but Tarquin was not qualified to come with them. This is when life took a turn for the worst. Tarquin felt an emptiness inside him and developed bad drinking and partying habits in order to fill a void only God could fill. This is his story:

    In the 23 years that I have lived in the United States, the biggest mistake I made was allowing myself to become an alcoholic. It is something that I’ve struggled with for the past 15 years. After being released from Harris County Jail I realized that I had hit rock bottom again and enrolled in the Star of Hope’s Spiritual Recovery Program that same day. It does not seem that long ago, yet here I am commencing and moving on to the next portion of the program.

    My life has changed so much thanks to God and His forgiveness. I would like to thank the Star of Hope and the entire staff for being there for me when nobody else was. I will forever be indebted to the Star of Hope and the Spiritual Recovery Program for helping me overcome my addiction and make positive changes in my life!

With your help, Tarquin is in the perfect place, among teachers and counselors who understand and care. He knows God brought him here to discover the scriptures and find his purpose in life. Because of supporters like you, Tarquin changed his life around and gave his life to Christ! Thank you for caring and praying for those God brings to Star of Hope. You are making a difference!

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