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Summer of Hope!

This month was filled with many blessings for the children staying at Star of Hope. Our children’s staff were diligent in their efforts to create fun-filled and educational activities for them. The highlight: attending Summer Camp!

Thanks to the support of a generous sponsor, 67 children, aged 6 to 12, went to camp! Each child enjoyed various team building activities, from rock climbing and canoeing to zip lining and fishing. A few of the children were asked what their favorite activity was at camp. Paris told our staff member, “This was my first time ever at camp and on a canoe … it was amazing! I am looking forward to the rest of camp! ” The smiles on their faces were truly heartwarming.

Not only was Summer Camp a great opportunity for our children to experience new things, but most importantly they were able to grow in their faith! Each child learned to work as a team by listening to each other and encouraging one another when the activity seemed too difficult.They also learned more about God and how to put their trust in Him when faced with obstacles, not only during camp activities, but in life as well.

Now that summer is coming to a close, our children will soon be heading back to school, where encouragement among their fellow peers is truly important. I believe they will be able to apply these team building skills in the classroom and show one another the love that Christ shows us.

We ask that you pray with us for our children to continue to find hope in God and start the school year off right. Thanks for all you do year-round to help us provide a safe and loving environment for them.

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  • Connie King says:

    I will pray for the children of Star of hope, and for their mothers. God bless the good efforts that are made on their behalf.

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