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Recently, the children living at the Women & Family Development Center at Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community® campus were blessed to have Trees of Hope, a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting Star of Hope’s Children’s Critical Care Fund, provide them with brand new shoes for school!

Many of our children have never owned a new pair of shoes of their own, but Trees of Hope provides new shoes for our children twice a year, giving them joy and confidence with each step they take in them. It is a blessing to share that experience with the children at Star of Hope!

Lydia Hall, Manager of Children and Youth Ministry II, worked closely with the Trees of Hope members to find the right pair of shoes for each child. As the children received their shoes, their faces lit up with excitement. Seeing the smiles on these children’s faces and the gratitude from their parents is truly special. One of the children joyfully expressed: “they look amazing! I love it!” She was so thankful for her new shoes. How wonderful is that!

We are grateful not only for the support of Trees of Hope, but also for your support and for keeping our children in your prayers! We ask that you please continue to help us serve their needs. Thank you for all you do for
Star of Hope and the precious children we serve each day!

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