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Have you ever wondered why you have a heart for the homeless? When you see homeless people on the streets in Houston, with the look of hopelessness in their eyes, you are quickly reminded of why you desire to help those in need. Not everyone has that same desire, but we can encourage them to open their hearts and minds to the homeless by simply starting a conversation of God’s broken children and how we can help them.

In our most recent Moment of Hope podcast we had the pleasure of having an inspirational conversation with Ron Hall author of the book “Same Kind of Different as Me.” This is an incredible true story that inspired millions, and draws attention to the homeless population and their needs. The movie version of the book will be released this Friday and hopes to bring awareness to homelessness, humanity, and faith. “Same Kind of Different as Me” resonates so well with Star of Hope because we strive to educate people about their needs and to see them through different eyes.

Star of Hope has served the homeless for 110 years and stories like this are what inspire so many people to see the homeless as God does. In Matthew 25, He calls us to serve the least of these and we are truly thankful for supporters like you who lend a helping hand and give hope to the homeless. Your continuous support allows us to provide hope to our residents and share Jesus with them. Thank you!

Please take a few minutes of your day and listen to Ron Hall’s podcast as he talks about Houston, the homeless, and Star of Hope. Or, take a friend to see the movie “Same Kind of Different as Me.” I hope this too will give others a heart for the homeless and to start a conversation on how they can help.

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  • Belinda Jones says:

    Homeless people are people like you and me who have fallen on hard times, suffer mental disorders, have been disowned from their families. Those who are fortunate have an obligation to help those unable to help themselves. We are all human and all deserve love and respect.

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