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Star of Hope Mission Ending homelessness ... one life, one family at a time.

When most people think of the homeless, they think of a man on the street holding a sign. The harsh reality is that the homeless are not only men but women and children too. These are the people we serve at Star of Hope Mission. Although, the face of homelessness has changed our goal to end homelessness has not.

On Monday, Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community® transformational campus resident, Grace and her son, Spencer, joined me to visit with Deborah Duncan on Great Day Houston. The goal of this television interview was to bring awareness to Star of Hope’s long-term solutions to homelessness, and using Cornerstone Community® to do so. At Cornerstone Community® we provide our residents with shelter, childcare, and services through intensive programs offering stability, personal development, and hope.  Grace was able to share her testimony of how coming to the Star of Hope changed her and her son’s life! It brought me such joy to see little Spencer’s face light up when he saw a photo of Cornerstone Community® and said, “That’s my home!” Thanks to your generous donations, Spencer and his mother are getting the help they need to get back on track.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to share with you all the amazing things that happen in the lives of our residents and I hope this message of perseverance reaches the lost and least of these, to let them know that we care … Star of Hope cares. Grace and Spencer’s journey to a better life is made possible because of the glorious God we serve and generous supporters like you! Now Grace and her son have a new chance at life and hope for the future. Thank you!

Click here to watch Star of Hope visits Great Day Houston!

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  • Blinda Kelly says:

    Hope is truly what helps a person move forward. Teaching and showing God love and His grace to let us forgive the past and look outside yourself.

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