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Making decisions can be hard to do if we do not have God as our foundation. We need His guidance to follow the right path. At Star of Hope Mission, we help our residents grow in their walk with Christ and teach them to lean on His word. A woman by the name of Roshell had to make a decision that would have been easy to make if she had a strong relationship with God, but she lacked trust in Him. This is her story:

    I am recovering from drug abuse and codependent relationships. I was putting the needs of others before my own … and even my children. Eventually, CPS took them away from me and that is when I had my wakeup call. When I tried to get my children back, God closed some doors behind me and opened the doors to Star of Hope!

    I went through the New Hope program and learned about my addiction, God, and most importantly myself. I was my own worst enemy and the decisions I made put me in bad situations, but I have learned how to love myself unconditionally and accept myself just as God does. My addictions were an attempt to escape from my emotions and insecurities that I did not know how to deal with. Now, I know that I cannot continue to lose myself in someone else’s life or look to drugs to solve my problems.

    With God’s blessing, I plan to get my babies back, finish all the programs that Star of Hope has to offer, and live my life in a way that will bring honor to God. I would like to thank the New Hope staff for always being supportive. Also, thank you to all the donors and volunteers for supporting this mission. Lastly, I want to thank God for loving me, giving me the strength to persevere, and for placing people in my life to take care of my babies. Thank You!

Roshell learned to put her addictions behind her and God in front of her. Now, she has His guidance to help her make positive decisions and prepare a better life for her children. Residents like Roshell get a chance to start over and get back on their feet because of you! I am so grateful that we have your support. Please continue to keep our residents in your prayers as they make decisions to choose God’s path daily. Thank you!

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