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Each year, as we approach the holiday season, I remind myself of everything I am thankful for. It is a blessing to serve Christ at Star of Hope and to witness the life change happening every day. Many who come to our doors are in need of guidance after years lost to addiction. For Timothy, the people he trusted the most, his family, led him down a dark path. This is his story:

I grew up in a stable home with loving parents and two siblings. I had a wonderful childhood until the age of 10 when my uncles entered my life and introduced me to violence, crime and drug use. These men had been in and out of prison due to robbery and drugs and were not the right men to be around a young child like me. Although I had a loving family, the influence of my uncles became too much, and I fell into their life of crime and addiction.

As a child into my adult years, my drug use continued. This addiction led me to be in and out of jail and treatment centers with no proper job. My work history was up and down due to a bad attitude and negative way of thinking. I was living a corrupt life and needed a change; this is when I discovered Star of Hope. I had heard about Star of Hope through a friend who had been through the program and knew the Lord was telling me to go there. God was guiding me to escape my current habits and seek Him.

Since coming here, I have learned to respect others and their different opinions. I have learned to leave my selfishness behind and listen to others better. Star of Hope has also taught me how to read my Bible properly and in context. I have even rededicated my life to Christ! I want to thank the staff at Star of Hope for teaching me how to be a better man. Thank you.

Because of you, Timothy has learned to put his attitude aside and trust in God. The lessons he has learned here would not have been possible without your support of Star of Hope. Thank you for allowing the broken to find Christ again!

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