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Our Rescue Story

We all have our own rescue story of how God saved our lives. Those who are broken and in need of hope have experienced God bringing them out of darkness and leading them to Star of Hope Mission. Coming here helps our residents receive the help they need to overcome their addictions and achieve independent living. At our Men’s Development Center we offer various programs that assist homeless men on their journey to recovery and on the path to a promising future.

Your support provides Houston’s homeless men with hope for a future and an opportunity to touch the lives of others. Someone like Don. At the Star of Hope Annual Banquet, we had the pleasure of hearing Don share a heartfelt testimony of how Star of Hope Mission was a big part of his rescue story. He was in a dark place of homelessness and alcoholism until he arrived at our doors.

“Now, I have a desire to help others and always put God first. Without help from people like you, I would not be standing here today. You are part of my rescue story,” Don shared. Star of Hope helped Don strengthen his walk with God and build a strong foundation in his faith. Because of wonderful supporters like you, Don found refuge at Star of Hope and allowed God to save his life!

You can hear more about how your support is making a difference in Don’s life through his testimony. I hope you are inspired by how the guidance and love shared with Don helped create his own rescue story.

Watch Don’s Testimony

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