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Those who have lost themselves to their demons enter the doors of Star of Hope hoping to build a better life. For David, a current Star of Hope resident, his life had become a rollercoaster of promising futures and absolute lows due to drug addiction and mental health issues. His story is a testament to God’s unfailing love.

David’s drug addiction led him to be kicked out of his home as a teenager. After struggling with addiction for years, he finally sought help and found Star of Hope. Soon after graduating from our Men at Work program, he fell back into his challenges. After a two-year drug-induced fog, David decided he needed a change, and Star of Hope welcomed him back with open arms.

“I had accepted Him the first time – but I listened to Him this time. Because now I believe. I have accountability; I am back on my medication and my family is around me again,” David said.

Star of Hope gave him the tools and encouragement to get back on his feet. Now, David has a renewed relationship with his family, has found work and was recently accepted into affordable housing. He has even qualified for and enrolled in Purdue University’s Online Cybersecurity Program, bringing him one step closer to his lifelong dream!

I pray David’s testimony encourages you to continue supporting the work being done at Star of Hope. Thank you!

Watch David’s testimony.

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  • Beatrice Orji says:

    May continue to bless and protect you in your journey David, and Glory to God in your journey mercies!

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