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Life has its ups and downs. Even at our worst, God meets us exactly where we are, to bring us out of the darkness. Many of our residents have given up on life until they come to Star of Hope. We offer them hope and a future, greater career opportunities, and most importantly, a new life in Christ. Witnessing our residents’ drive and motivation develop is a testament that even when you give up on yourself God never gives up on you. A resident by the name of Lula thought she had nothing to live for until God showed up … this is her story:

    I gave up on God … and I gave up on myself. I didn’t care what happened to me or anyone else. But there was one thing I did not give up on and that was my nephew. At my lowest moment, I remember telling him we did not have enough money to buy food, just so I could buy cigarettes. I never used drugs or alcohol, but had a strong addiction to cigarettes, that all started because we became homeless.

    My nephew and I were put out of my deceased mother’s home because my deceased sister took out a loan on my mother’s home, and I could not afford to pay. We ended up moving in with my nephew’s paternal aunt, and we were doing well for a while … until his aunt started stealing money from me and threatened to kill me. My nephew quickly got us out of there, and I was soon blessed with a new job working for my friend as a healthcare provider. I was only employed for eight months when my friend announced she was moving. Once again, I was unemployed, and we were back on the streets. That is when Star of Hope stepped in!

    With God’s guidance, my nephew and I became residents at Star of Hope! Being here helped me become self-sufficient, learn life skills and sharpen my professional skills. Most importantly, my relationship with God has grown! Now that I have completed the WorkFaith program, my plan is to secure employment, save money and to find me and my nephew a home of our own. I thank God for all He has done for me! I would also like to thank Star of Hope staff, donors, and volunteers for your services.

What a beautiful story! Even at her lowest point in life, God did not give up on Lula. Life is about second chances, and that is what our residents receive when they come to our front doors. Because of your support, Lula turned her life around, grew a stronger relationship with the Lord, and now is on to great things. Please continue praying for Lula and consider donating to our mission as we continue to care for those in need. Thank you!

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