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At Star of Hope Mission, we meet people in search of hope. As we provide them with support and opportunities to become more stable, we also teach them how to build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. That is how we truly bring change to the lives of those we serve. A woman by the name of Lakesha lost everything to her addiction and turned to Star of Hope for help. This is her story:

    As a single mother of four beautiful children, I struggled to make ends meet. I became complacent in my addiction … gave up on school and lost my job. Eventually, I lost my apartment, and my children and I became homeless. I came to Star of Hope looking for a place to lay my head and keep my children safe from harm. Soon, I joined the New Hope program to fight my addiction.

    After being in the New Hope program, I learned about co-dependency, anger management and spirituality. Also, I gained great parenting skills and learned how to accept when things are out of my control. Since I have been here, I have been able to depend on God more and allow Him to direct me on the right path in life. I am so grateful for my health, my children, and my new positive mindset. Because of Star of Hope, I can live a more productive life!

    Thank you to the Star of Hope staff for helping me reach my full potential. To my children, I want to thank you for loving me through all the mess I put you through. Also, I would like to thank the donors and volunteers for their support. Now, my future holds endless possibilities! I want to show my children that there is a better way of life without drugs. I plan to finish my internship and pursue a medical career. I know that God will help me obtain the job He has for me. The sky’s the limit!

What a beautiful testimony! Lakesha has turned her life around and become a better mother for her children. Coming to Star of Hope Mission was her first step in the right direction. God has given Lakesha hope and a greater purpose in life! Because of your support, she has a bright future in store. Thank you!

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