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I’m truly inspired by how God touches lives. The story shared by one Star of Hope resident continues to dwell in my heart because it is a strong testament to how God can take a life … broken from a series of tragic events… and transform it through the power of His love.

Ten years ago, Candice and her husband lost two sons in one year. One was a year old and the other just a few months. Both had serious mental and physical challenges and were unable to eat or move. Divorce came soon after.

Candice had gone to college to become a surgical tech, but the depression of not being able to find a job, losing her sons and her marriage drew her to drugs and alcohol. “I was addicted to meth for about 4 years … I lost everything due to drugs and alcohol,” she said.

She was later blessed with a healthy baby boy. Candice realized then that she needed to get help … she had something to live for. She later ended up at the front doors of Star of Hope.

Candice’s story is a testament to how God can renew and restore a life of despair, depression, and addiction. A promise of hope and a bright future is now possible for Candice thanks to God and Star of Hope supporters, like you.

Click here to listen to Candice’s Story.

I hope you are inspired by how the love and support shared with Candice can have a positive ripple effect for many years to come. The essential message of change is what we share every day with all who come to the Star of Hope in need.

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  • jennie riley says:

    It is wonderful the transformation that has taken place in Candace life, and how she has been to learn coping skills and relying on God. How the influence of Star of Hope has in return made her want to give back to her community.

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