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I am Worthy

We all have struggled to find hope in our circumstances at one point in our lives. In those times, we must remember that there is hope in the Lord! For Bethanie, childhood circumstances and past traumas made her feel hopeless and alone. This is her story:

My life has been anything but easy. My father’s negligence nearly cost me my life as a child on multiple occasions. As I grew up, he would belittle me and start physical fights when I stood up for myself, but it did not make me hopeless. The day I became homeless was the first time I had ever felt truly hopeless.

With no place to stay and struggling to find work, I had called my father to ask if I could come home. A home that had only caused me pain. The only thing that came from that conversation was a reminder of how little I meant to the people who were supposed to love me unconditionally. But I was given a beacon of hope. One of my mother’s neighbors had a friend who found refuge in Star of Hope, and he was willing to drive me and my emotional support dog, Tinkerbell, here.

He helped me find Star of Hope, and it saved my life. I’ve never had a clear vision of my future, mostly because I never thought I would be alive to see it, but being here has made me realize that I can do it. I am worthy of the life I was given and I am good enough for myself!

Thank you to everyone that has witnessed me and my short journey here, and thank you to the people like my father who hurt me because without them, I would not be the person I am today.

After arriving at Star of Hope, Bethanie found hope and a renewed vision for her future. She no longer feels hopeless about her circumstances and has embraced a new beginning! Thank you for your continued support by providing those in need with a renewed faith in Christ.

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