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Reflecting on the recent National Day of Prayer, I am reminded how your continued prayers have blessed many lives at Star of Hope. The Lord has provided strength to those who have felt weak and broken. Many who come to our doors are lost, searching for a form of healing only God can provide. Andoneisha came to Star of Hope feeling tired and lost in her pain. This is her story:

My grandparents raised me until I was nine years old. In the summer of that year, my mother picked me to live with her, and my life changed. She was mentally unstable and physically abusive towards me. This led me to become a runaway before I was even a teenager. Eventually, I completely removed myself from my mother and became an emancipated minor at 15. A few years later, I became pregnant with my son at 19.

After years of abuse and suffering, I finally found joy and married the love of my life. I became a wife on July 1, 2008, and I became a widow on September 1, 2009. The unexpected loss of my husband sent me spiraling out of control, looking for love in all the wrong places, unaware that God was there at every moment. Coming to Star of Hope taught me that His love can help us through anything. 

I didn’t know anything about the Bible before arriving here. Because of this, I chose the Biblical Counseling program to help me understand the Bible and strengthen my relationship with God. And I am grateful to say that this program has changed my life because I know He has my back.

Andoneisha learned that she no longer has to fight her demons alone. Christ will always be with us to guide us in our darkest moments. I am blessed to see the changes happening here at Star of Hope because of your support of our mission. Thank you!

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  • Edith H says:

    It brings me great joy that your oraganization uses the funds to help the people who is truly in need and give them hope in God. Because without God we are lost. Keep being there for the forgotten and lost. I give thanks to God because He continues to bless me ! And in return I am able to share with others. I will continue helping Star of Hope because I trust in them to share all the blessings that God has intrusted them with. Together we can make a difference, one person at a time. Thank you for being there for them!

  • Andrew Crawford says:

    OMG your a real soldier and yes God does have a purpose for you and he will never leave you alone or by yourself self when everyone else is gone you will always have him and you can call on him anytime of the day or night he is always listening. GOD BLESS YOU

  • Shariese says:

    This woman is very powerful and I believe in her. She’s a fighter and now she knows the battle is not hers it’s the Lord’s. I will continue to pray for and with you at anytime. I’m happy we are friends 😊 Love you Andoneisha

  • Valesia West says:

    This is another reminder of how the victory is already won if we just fight the battle we will see how God already positions us where we need to be to begin healing if we just realize nothing happens by accident…. Its a lesson in everything we go through!

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