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Hurting people come to the doors of Star of Hope in need of a hot meal and a safe place to stay. During these unprecedented times, we are working twice as hard to provide food and shelter to the least of these. As I think back on the residents we have been blessed to serve, I am reminded of God’s grace. He can change any life no matter the circumstance. God uses us as a vessel for His glory as we give hope and healing to people in need, people like Henry … this is is story:

    I was raised by my grandparents who loved me very much to take me as their own. We didn’t have much but appreciated what means God provided for us. In my early years, I attended church and was baptized at a very young age. I really didn’t know what accepting Christ really meant, but my grandparents taught me very good standards about living. My trials and tribulations began after my grandfather passed away, and I lost that fatherly influence.

    My junior year in high school, I began my first experience of smoking marijuana. My alcohol & drug addiction escalated for the next 40 years and took me down a path of destruction. I quit and lost several great jobs that could have led me to a very successful life. It also cost me 2 marriages, which had resulted in fathering 6 children. I also lost my birth mother and my stepfather within a three-year period. That created a big emotional toll on me, and my drug and alcohol addiction grew even worse. I knew my life was in a disastrous stage, and at my age, it was going to be the end of me if I didn’t change or try to get some help. With nowhere else to turn to, I cried out to God and prayed for Him to deliver me. God answered those prayers and led me to the Star of Hope.

    Like the potter, God began shaping and forming me into what He had chosen for me to be in His predestined plan. The recovery program was the most joyous spiritual journey of my life. It was humbling to learn about how much God loves me and that He has a will for my life. I’d like to thank God for reaching out to save me from the demise of my alcohol & drug addiction and the spiritual breakdown. I’d like to thank the Star of Hope staff for their teachings of God’s Word and for instilling in me that God does have a plan for my life!

The tools Henry gained helped him change his life around and grow closer to God. Because of supporters like you, Henry is now living independently, and no longer looks to drugs and alcohol for a way out. Lives are changed everyday at the Star of Hope, and we thank God for His saving grace! Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and consider donating to our mission as we care for Houston’s homeless. Thank you!

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  • Rosalind Reece says:

    Praise God for your deliverance and new journey! Your testimony is encouraging and offers hope to others. May God continue granting you healing, peace, and grace to live out His will for your life.

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