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Thanksgiving is next week! Although this year’s holiday season will be celebrated differently, there are still many reasons to be thankful. What is it that you are thankful for? One thing I am thankful for is that God has sustained the Star of Hope and its residents during these uncertain times. Many come to our doors broken … seeking food, shelter, and hope, but end up leaving with so much more! A resident by the name of Heather was at the end of her rope until her newfound faith in God turned her life around and gave her a reason to be thankful … this is her story:

    Good afternoon! My name is Heather and I came to the Star of Hope because my children and I had nowhere else to go. Upon entering their facility, I joined the New Hope Program for 90 days of intensive substance abuse treatment. I truly believed I did not have a problem and thought to myself “I will just fly right through this.” Little did I know, my addictions were why my life had been such a mess for 15 years, and I could not overcome them on my own.

    While being in the New Hope program, I learned how to properly cope with life’s troubles by going to God and not turning to drugs and alcohol. I also discovered how to love my children and myself, and I realized I really could do anything I put my mind to! My future goals are to get my GED, further my education, and become a therapist so that I can help others not go down the same path that I did.

    I would like to thank the staff at Star of Hope for making me and my children comfortable, and for never making us feel as if we were truly homeless. I would also like to thank the donors for helping make life changes possible, and the New Hope staff for their unconditional love and support. I am thankful for my two handsome boys who are my motivation and most of all, I thank God for His love and strength that keeps me going. I am looking forward to the amazing future He has in store for me!

I pray this story gives you a reason to be thankful during this time. With your help, Heather found new life and is thankful for all the support she was given. She is no longer dependent on drugs and alcohol and finds her strength in God. Your gifts help change the lives of those we serve. They come here for hope and leave with so much more. Let’s give God thanks for what He is doing at Star of Hope and continue to be a blessing to those around us. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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