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He Holds Me Up

Many who come to Star of Hope have lost themselves to the ways of the world. They arrive seeking the guidance they have longed for in their lives. Wynter struggled to find who she was on her own after the passing of a beloved family member. After losing her way, she came to Star of Hope and discovered the ways of the Lord. This is her story:

My childhood, growing up in Houston, Texas, was overall good. As the first child to a teen mom, it was not always easy for us, but my grandmother was the greatest blessing we could have had. Having a grandmother to guide my sister and me was a blessing. She was the vital force in our lives that we needed.

In May of 2014, reality struck when my grandma, the unspoken backbone of our family, passed away. Losing her caused me to go down a dark path, and ever since that day, my life has been on a steady downward spiral. After she passed, I left my childhood home and began living on my own for the very first time. I endured numerous unhealthy relationships and difficult living conditions without my grandmother’s guidance. The constant turmoil quickly became physically and mentally exhausting. I was at my wit’s end … then I found Star of Hope.

When I arrived, I enrolled in the Biblical Counseling program, which changed my life. These classes have opened my eyes to the Lord.

I now know I can lean on Him, and He will hold me up because He is strong no matter how weak I may be. This would not have been possible without the Star of Hope staff to motivate and provide for me. Thank you!

Through our Biblical Counseling program, Wynter learned she no longer needs to carry her troubles alone. Because of your support, she knows the Lord as her rock and salvation. Thank, for giving her the motivation to get back on her feet!

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