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God Picked Me Up

It’s easy to lose control when you don’t have God in your life. At Star of Hope we help individuals who are angry, hurt, and in need of support to get back on their feet and give their burdens to God. Our hope is that they regain control of their lives even when most of them doubt it can happen. A resident by the name of Katie wasn’t sure her life would ever change … this is her testimony.


One of the most desolate and painful moments in my life is when I felt that separation from God for the first time. I felt hollow and utterly alone. It felt like I had lost a loved one and was mourning.


I have been struggling with crippling anxiety and depression most of my life. Over time it robbed me of so much of my joy, my hope and my ambition. But God picking me up out of my misery and delivering me to this place was what I knew I had been needing for years. I may have been stubbornly fighting against it.  But, in His mercy and wisdom, He put me in the environment I needed at the time I was ready to accept His will and step down the path He made for me again.


After just a few weeks of being here nearly all my anxiety and fear have just melted away out of my mind and my heart. And for the first time in my life, I am experiencing the peace, the understanding, and the joy and strength that comes along with it. My hope and enthusiasm have blossomed, and I see the future I believed I would never have as a definite possibility. Being here has made every day one that I truly look forward to, and that I am grateful for. I have made so much more progress in my short time here than I’ve been able to over the past few years on my own.  A big part of that is due to the Personal Development class. The guidance I received while in this class has been instrumental to ensuring my success in continuing down the path God has planned for me.


I can finally say that I have my priorities straight and am being responsible for myself and my life. I have the knowledge and the confidence to be able to apply this, and all the other skills I’ve learned, in my daily life to help me on my way to a healthy, independent and positive future.


Katie’s grateful for the deliverance she’s received and is truly set free! Star of Hope provided her with skills and understanding to last her a lifetime, and she now has endless opportunities in her new life. With your help, residents like Katie are given a chance at new life. With her newfound faith in Christ she will follow His direction and is allowing Him to be in control. Thank you for helping residents like Katie live a better life.

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