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God is With Me

I believe God has an ultimate plan for each of our lives. Though we may go through hardships, I am blessed to see His handiwork every day at Star of Hope. Those in need come to us in search of God’s help, those like Shawn, who grew up in an abusive, unhealthy home. This is his story:

I did not grow up in a close family; my father was a strict military man who used to beat my mother and even shot at her once. After years of this abuse… my mother passed.

The world didn’t seem the same after her death. I lost my job and had too much time on my hands. That’s when I started hanging around the wrong people. I was lost for about a year and a half, living on the streets and using drugs. It was there, in a tent on the streets, that I first heard about Star of Hope, a God-based shelter, and knew that was what I needed.

I am getting better now, and I believe God has been with me from the start, during my childhood, the loss of my mother and my drug addiction. I believe God led me to the Star of Hope, and I know He is not done with me yet.

Shawn was able to trust in God to deliver him from hardships. Because of you and your support of the Star of Hope, he is now focused on building a life with Christ and becoming a better man. Thank you for supporting our mission and bringing healing to those who need it the most!

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  • Edward Bettencourt III says:

    I will put a note in my donation before Thanksgiving. You might not know or don’t remember that William Thomas (Bill) Kennelly was my half brother, same mother different father. What Star of Hope did for Bill was beyond thanks. I am 83 now and Bill would have been 72 on August 31.

    Your friend through Star of hope as long as I am alive I will continue to contribute what I can

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