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Give Hope to Others!

How do I give hope to others? This is a question I think we should ask ourselves and strive to accomplish every day. I would like to share a story with you, one that captures how the simplest things can bring others the hope they desperately need.

Last Friday, staff members from Andersen Tax took a tour of Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community® campus. Andersen Tax’s staff had an opportunity to learn more about what Star of Hope does and how their volunteer service is impactful to so many people who are in need. As they walked the halls, they were greeted by our residents with smiles and hugs from the children. Visiting our children’s classrooms, meeting the Star of Hope staff, and interacting with our residents gave Andersen Tax’s staff a better understanding of what it means to serve and help others.

Prior to their visit, Andersen Tax staff members collected items such as tuna, crackers, washcloths, shampoo, and socks. The staff brought the items on their visit to make Hope Bags that would later be distributed by Star of Hope’s Love-In-Action van to the street homeless. As the tour ended, the Andersen Tax staff volunteered their time to work together, package approximately 115 Hope Bags, and write notes of encouragement to be included in each bag!


I would like to share a few of the encouraging words written by the Andersen Tax volunteers with you. It is a blessing to know people in need will receive these positive messages!

  • “God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them but to cleanse them.”
  • “When you get to your wit’s end, you will find, God lives there.”
  • “You are loved! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

As basic as it may be to package daily necessities and write encouraging notes, it has a great impact on those who receive these Hope Bags. A simple act of kindness, like a Hope Bag, can make the difference between someone choosing to continue living on the streets or choosing to accept the help that could lead to a life-changing opportunity. We are truly grateful for volunteers like those from Andersen Tax, who do what they can to give hope to others. Everyone who serves with us at Star of Hope is a tremendous blessing to the ministry.

Thank you for giving your precious resources of time, talent and finances as we give hope to men, women, and families in need!

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