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During these unprecedented times, Star of Hope is still actively serving Houston’s homeless men, women, and children. As we all navigate through the many changes our world is facing, thank you for remembering our mission and those we serve … the less fortunate who have no place to go and turn to the Star of Hope for life-changing opportunities. With your continuous support, we are providing a second chance at life and hope to people who need it most, people like Earl … this is his story:

    Before coming to Star of Hope, I was incarcerated twice and was in and out of shelters while living in Louisiana. Every time I got my life together, I went back to doing the same things that had me bound; drinking, drugging, and self-existing. BUT God used Hurricane Katrina to lead me to Houston … and finally to the Star of Hope. The first time I was there I spent 28 days thinking I just needed shelter and could get on my own two feet. Running from my responsibilities, I left my ex-wife who I had mistreated using my money for drugs and illicit sexual relationships, and came back to the Star of Hope for 48 days. This time I convinced myself “I” could get my life together, drink responsibly and no one would know I was getting high. Trying to control my own life, I ended up back on the street and relapsed twice. The drinking hospitalized me with an ulcer that busted in my intestines, and I felt my life was over. But remembering what the Lord had said to my spirit so many times in the chapel services forced me to call on God! I called out to the Lord for mercy to help place my feet on solid ground, and He brought me back to the Star of Hope once more.

    I’ve been in a storm before, but not a storm like the effects of crack cocaine. A year ago today, I almost died in the streets because of my addiction. I decided that was my last time making the wrong choices. I promised the Lord to live for him so many times in my life, but this time it was different. I learned so much from the Star of Hope Biblical classes and chapel services, that God’s words well up in my spirit like a river and resound in my memory every day. I did not have to attend career or educational training at Star of Hope, but the environment and Christian counseling led me to see my true worth! He saved me … gave me a new life, hope and a future. He took me back to my grandma’s teachings of righteousness, put drumsticks in my hands, then blessed me to play gospel with the Star of Hope Holy Smoke Band and my church. Today, I am lead man on my job as a certified roofer and make an honorable salary traveling all over the United States! My circle of friends includes gospel workers in love with the Lord, and we work for Him! Through God’s eyes I have gained respect for myself, and I have a pristine relationship with my mother and my siblings, who seek and respect my godly opinions. I am proud of my position in the Lord and proud of the wisdom He has given me toward my servanthood. Today, I am living … not just existing. I am in the Lord, and He is in me! Thank you to the Star of Hope donors, volunteers, and staff!

Because of your continuous support of our mission, we can provide services for Earl and many others like him! Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and consider donating to our mission as we care for the least and the lost in our community. We are truly grateful God uses us to bring hope to the hopeless and provide them with opportunities to make positive changes in their lives. Thank you!

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