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Last week, at the Doris and Carloss Morris Men’s Development Center’s commencement ceremony, we were blessed to celebrate these eight men who were recognized for completing one or more of our long-term recovery programs. During these events the men share testimonies of what brought them to Star of Hope. As I listened to each of these men tell their stories, I began to notice a common thread.


They all came from different backgrounds, different kinds of families and had walked different journeys. However, they each could point to one instance in their childhood or young adult lives that sent them down a path of destruction and despair – something that left them broken and disconnected from their families, from society and from God. But yet, no matter how far they had fallen away, they still searched for the one thing that would fix the brokenness and make them whole.


For these eight men, Star of Hope’s Christ-centered and life-changing programs and care was the solution they were seeking. Here they were able to find the support and love they needed to overcome their past, chart a new course for the future and most importantly, renew their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.


Because of you and your kind help, these men now have a new chance at a better life. Take another look at their faces. See the joy and determination in their eyes that wasn’t there before. YOU helped put that there.


Before each commencement I visit with the men who are commencing … we read from Scripture, and we pray together. My prayer for these eight men, as it has been for so many who have come before them, is that they continue this new journey long after they leave Star of Hope, and that they become the men their Heavenly Father intended them to be.


We give God all the glory and would also like to thank you, for continuously supporting our mission!

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  • Janet Parr says:

    As your post suggested, I did “take another look at their faces”, each one of them, and I thank God for the redeeming work he has done in each of their lives. May they continue in the bright future they began at Star of Hope and may God go before them, leading and guiding their path; walk beside them, holding on to them every step of the way; and walk behind them, guarding the rear.


    Prayers for the men and for their futures. I’m interested in what they’ll do in life with the opportunities that God has given these 8 men. Praying they don’t backslide when they get down or depressed about life in general.

  • BARBARA James STEPHENS says:

    It is rewarding to give to such a worthwhile program and facility like ‘The Star of Hope’ These men are on their way to becoming productive citizens because of exposure to biblical teachings, guidance, love and support of your devoted staff including Claude Flack Jr. whose focuses daily on his duties to give his best as God has led him on his path to success.
    Praise and honor to God and to the CEO, Mr. Hank Rush for providing such a facility.

  • Lisa says:

    Congratulations to all of you! I wish you all the best as you start this new chapter of your life.
    May God bless you always.

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