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At Star of Hope Mission, people come to our doors everyday with broken spirits. They deal with life struggles and failures, which weigh heavy on their hearts. God brings them here to improve their lives. A resident by the name of Christopher needed help, and God knew just what to do. This is his story:

    When I came to Star of Hope, I was a mess. The stress and problems with being homeless and jobless slowed my whole life down. I was unable to support my family, and I realized I needed to make a change. That is when God lifted me up and said, “I can help you.” I decided to go on Star of Hope’s website to seek help. Soon, I was at their front doors, asking to join the New Beginnings program. God took away my financial burdens and replaced them with quality time to grow with my family.

    I was stuck in many aspects of my life, and God showed me the negative behavioral patterns I had, so I could break bad habits. I learned important life and spiritual lessons, and Star of Hope’s staff equipped me with the skills I needed to help fellow residents through the program. This prepared me for my job search and built the support system that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

    Now, my faith in God is stronger, and I trust His plans for my life. I am free of doubt, no longer burdened by stress, and have a God-fearing heart. Thank you to my wife and kids for all their love and support. Also, I would like to say thank you to the volunteers, donors and Star of Hope for letting God use them to change my life!

Christopher turned his negative situation into a positive one by seeking shelter at Star of Hope! With your help, he is a better father and husband, with newfound confidence. Christopher is excited to enter this new journey in life and has the support to do it. Thank you for giving Christopher a second chance at life!

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