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Chandra fell deep.

By age 21 she was in an abusive marriage with two children and using drugs. By age 32 she had four children and was completely addicted, doing whatever it took to get her fix.

“I went through several jobs, cars, and homes. My kids were shuffled around from place to place and different schools. I would leave them with my father to go to the streets and get high. My sick and addicted mind didn’t realize I was abandoning them. It would take me going to jail 3 times back to back to realize I had a serious problem. I had stopped caring about them just like I had stopped caring about myself. I felt so low and worthless.”

That is when Chandra heard stories of people like her finding lasting success in the Star of Hope New Hope Substance Abuse Recovery Program.

She joined and after three months was surprised that she had remained sober all that time.

“My counselors at New Hope were amazing! They were tough and direct, but always fair and compassionate. I always felt like I had someone that I could talk to and trust with what I was going through. That made a big difference in my recovery. They showed me a love that I didn’t understand — God’s love. And I finally realized I had been missing that in my beliefs.”

I shed many tears but I gained a lot of strength. And I finally started thinking about a future.

I also gained some of my most cherished friends and biggest support from the other Star of Hope alumni.

Then Star of Hope helped to find me a job. I’m still at the same company, now an office manager over 5 years later!

Star of Hope was my anchor in many storms, keeping me from drifting into the rocks of life. Star of Hope saved me so that I could become the mother to my children that I am today.

“Star of Hope transformed my life. I know it can help others.”

Thank you for supporting Star of Hope and providing Chandra a way back to life, better than ever.

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