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Celebration of Hope!

Christmas will be here soon, and it is great to see everyone’s joyful spirits! We can get so busy during the holidays … time spent decorating, gift shopping, with friends and preparing for family visits. But like you, I try to savor the moments of Joy and Thankfulness to God for the amazing gift of his only Son, Jesus to us at Christmas. Our faith in Jesus changes everything about us, our purpose, our destiny, and our future home in Heaven with Him. God is doing amazing work all around us at Christmastime, and especially at Star of Hope! Rejoicing in the birth of our Savior, who gives us hope, is the reason for the Christmas season!

Throughout the year many homeless people, broken and in search of hope, walk through Star of Hope’s doors. But I have noticed a profound sense of peace this Christmas among our residents amid their bout with homelessness. At our Women and Family Development Center at Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community® we serve homeless women and families in very difficult situations — situations that can bring out the worst in people during the holidays.

At this year’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, I was blessed to witness our residents experience a joyful and peaceful time together, as the children reenacted the birth of the baby, Jesus. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the message of the birth of a Savior … OUR Savior, Jesus, as we worshiped together. They spoke about the hope and future we have in Christ, which resonated with many hearts. Christ was truly at the center of the evening! We ended the night singing “Joy to the World” and our board members had the pleasure of serving our residents a late-night snack of hot cocoa and cookies!

Your continuous support is what provides this place of refuge for the hungry, the weary, and the lost. Star of Hope is their home for Christmas this year, and we thank you for helping make Christ the center of the season for them all! You made a difference for your Houston neighbors who were suffering this year. Please take a last look at how you helped Star of Hope in 2019, by clicking the link below!

A Last Look at 2019!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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