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Life comes at us fast, and it is easy to lose control when you don’t have God as your foundation. At Star of Hope, we encounter many who are angry and hurt, and in need of support. We help our residents get back on their feet and give their burdens to God. Our hope is that they regain control of their lives even when most of them doubt it can happen. A resident by the name of Ashland didn’t believe her life could be changed and was in need of guidance … this is her testimony.

    My life was on a downward spiral before I came to the Star of Hope. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and thought all hope was lost. The devastation was so great that I suffered from major depression, as well as having suicidal thoughts. My anger grew into an uncontrollable rage, to the point that I didn’t care what the outcome of my circumstances would have been due to my actions or anger. I struggled to keep employment and had nowhere else to turn. So, I walked through the doors of Star of Hope … not expecting the change I received.

    The counselors at Star of Hope spoke to me about ways to get control of my emotions. This was the accountability I needed because up until that point, I just knew I wasn’t the person who had anger issues and thought everyone else around me had problems. I never expected to face the issues that caused my problems or deal with the mistakes in my past. Now, before making any decisions, I pray and seek God’s face, and ask Him for guidance.

    I want to thank God for always keeping His hands around me and continuing to bless me abundantly. I want to thank my sister for being with me through my hard times and keeping me encouraged. Star of Hope counselors have watched me grow into the woman I am today! They have corrected me when I was wrong and prayed for me when I couldn’t pray for myself, and for that, I am so thankful. I thank God for the donors and volunteers, and their continuous support of this mission. When I am old and gray, I will remember the wise words of encouragement that were bestowed upon me while at Star of Hope! Thank You!

Ashland is grateful for the deliverance she received and is truly set free! Star of Hope provided her with accountability partners to last her a lifetime, and she has endless opportunities in her new life. With your help, residents like Ashland are given a chance at new life. With her newfound faith in Christ, she will follow His direction and is allowing Him to be in control. Thank you for helping residents like Ashland live a better life.

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