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When I think of a mother, I think of what it means to be selfless, caring, and nurturing. I think of the true meaning of unconditional love … a mother’s love. Mother’s Day is coming up this week, and it brings me joy to know that our loving mothers will be pampered this special Sunday.

As we celebrate our mothers this Mother’s Day, I am especially appreciative of the Mother’s Day Luncheon held this week at our Star of Hope’s Women and Family Development Center. The afternoon was hosted by the Trees of Hope, an organization that has been supporting Star of Hope and its residents for 29 years. Our mothers were treated to a lovely lunch and encouraging words from a former resident and fellow mother, Bani.

Bani’s story is an inspirational one. She shared her journey of being homeless as a child and living at Star of Hope with her mother and siblings. During this difficult time, Bani’s mother was unable to provide school supplies, shoes, or toys … but one volunteer/donor group left a special mark on Bani’s heart. That group was Trees of Hope.

Bani realizes that the warmth, love, and support from the Trees of Hope was a crucial part of how her mother would cope and heal from an abusive past and why Bani felt compelled to volunteer at Trees of Hope events, when she got older. The love this group showed Bani and her family made her into the strong and loving mother she is today. Bani loves to bring her children to volunteer at Star of Hope and teach them how to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Sharing her story is Bani’s way of spreading love and giving hope to mothers who have fallen on hard times. I pray that every mother is celebrated and feels appreciated, especially on this Sunday. Thank you for the gifts and support YOU provide to us year-round to help us serve those in need! To all the mothers reading this, we at Star of Hope would like to wish you a very special and blessed Mother’s Day!

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