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A Man Made Fruitful!

Many of our residents come to Star of Hope with a desire to change their lives. Many struggle with this desire, but my prayers are to help them reach their goals to grow in Christ and to succeed in life. Success stories are continuous reminders of why I love being here at Star of Hope. Stories like Tommy’s.

Tommy has come a long way to get where he is now. His journey has earned our admiration and respect.

He arrived at Star of Hope battling the merciless grip that crack cocaine, vodka and meth had on him. By God’s grace, Tommy joined our spiritual recovery program and quickly gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Tommy wanted all Jesus had for him.

While continuing his spiritual growth training, Tommy also took our classes to earn his GED. As a young man, he had dropped out of high school in the 9th grade. Studying remained difficult for him. Nevertheless, he persevered and graduated within a year because he had learned how to learn.

Tommy realized learning to learn is something he can pass on to others. So, he began helping others at Star of Hope to gain their GED. Soon after, he felt an urge to go to college and enrolled in the University of Houston downtown.

Tommy claims God gives him the strength to persevere. I am overjoyed to know that Tommy believes God and the Star of Hope saved his life. “The Star of Hope not only introduced me to Jesus, I am now clean and sober for the first time in over 37 years. I have now been clean for over 8 years and earned a GED at the Star of Hope … Thank you Jesus and Star of Hope!” In May of this year, we celebrated Tommy earning his BA in Corporate Communication, cum laude.

Tommy now works part-time at the University and is pursuing a career as a teacher. Tommy shared, “Thanks to the staff at the Star of Hope I have been clean and sober since September 27, 2010. I consider myself to be a former addict, not a recovering addict….thank you Jesus!”

Tommy’s story has touched so many lives and gives me a new understanding of hope. Because of supporters like you, Tommy is a man made fruitful! Thank you for making life changes like Tommy’s possible.

Click here to listen to Tommy’s story on our Star of Hope podcast, A Moment of Hope!

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  • Frank Salmon says:

    Tommy is a really good guy, he’s always there to help you in any way he can. I use to sleep right accross from Tommy he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and was always there for Me. Frank Salmon

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